YouCould Values & Their Impact on the Creator Economy

In this article, we wanted to take the time to give you a greater insight into how our underlying values drive our platform and to give you the opportunity to learn about YouCould’s upcoming goals. As you may have seen from some of our previous blogs, the YouCould platform enables creators to make interactive content that reaches wider audiences with ease and lets you, the creator, focus your time on the aspects of content creation that you love. We believe opportunities are the key to success and offer our partners many ways to showcase their content and grow their success. You can read more about this in one of our previous articles, Why We Made YouCould. One of our main focuses is to empower people to discover and support unique content ideas. In developing our platform, we are making way for a creative environment that nurtures creative freedom and empowers creators to make the content that inspires their creative journey. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at what we value most at YouCould. 


YouCould Values 

We’re passionate about supporting the creative industry’s growth, but we know that it takes more than passion to make a difference. Our endeavor to help the creative industry grow wouldn’t be possible without the essential values which our company upholds. What we deliver to our creators is transparency, fairness, and the opportunity to enable content that feels meaningful to them. Our mission is rooted in these values as we strive to make the creator economy a more inclusive and empowering space. We will enable content that caters to niche audiences and celebrates diversity within the industry. This is something we go into more detail about in our first article. which you can read more about here. By placing your creative output at the center of your audience’s needs, you don’t have to compromise the quality or originality of your content in line with rigid algorithms, you have the freedom to create what you love the most. 

Throughout the creative industry, themes of ambiguity and confusion around key features, such as platform revenue splits and ever-changing advertisement schemes, are all too common. By working with creators to ensure clear expectations and honest communication, YouCould is building its reputation as a trusted partner in the creative industry. We value the work of creators and want to uplift the creator economy by guaranteeing a fair revenue split for our creators. How it works is that, through winning an opportunity, you will earn up to 90% of the prize pool. We will always be transparent when it comes to monetization, which is why a set payout will always be visible to creators before an Opportunity has ended. This way you will know exactly what you will be earning, leaving no room for uncertainty when it comes to being rewarded for your hard work.  In an industry where ethics and authenticity are in high demand, our platform is making way for change and highlighting that transparency is the key to success. We cannot make a positive impact within the industry if we do not uphold the very values that matter to creators. As a content creator owes it to their audience to be open and honest about their content, we owe it to our partners to share that same mentality in return.  


Enabling Content That Resonates with Your Audience 

Established algorithms across numerous platforms mean that creators often have to battle between content quality and quantity. This can often feel detrimental towards the creative process as creators begin making content to suit algorithms at the cost of leaving themselves and sometimes their audience unsatisfied. Creative freedom should be at the forefront of every creator’s brand and creators often have to sacrifice their own input and intuition when making content. In the world of content, the phrase “quality over quantity” couldn’t be truer. It’s not about how many posts or videos you can create each week but rather the impact those posts have on your audience. By enabling meaningful content that resonates with your audience you’re not only building a stronger connection with them, but also highlighting yourself as an example figure within your industry. 

One thing we always keep in mind is our desire to see content remain as the creator that made it. Creators should never feel confined in their creative process. We, alongside many creators, agree that an important aspect of creation is to make something that you and your audience will enjoy. Viewers can initiate and sponsor ideas through YouCould meaning that you never have to worry about whether your content is going to be enjoyed by your audience. You won’t be bound to algorithms that dictate your work or output. Rather it is your audience that will tell you what piece of content they would enjoy and are willing to support and you can tackle it according to your schedule and preference. This takes away the pressure of satisfying an algorithm over making the content your viewers want to see. 

We want to continue to see an incredible online environment full of comic in-game challenges and transformative online trends. Your creations deserve to be showcased across the internet for others to value. Opportunity, being key here, is how we are going to uplift our creators. In developing a platform that enables creators to grow in visibility and feel more compensated for their work – we have developed endless opportunities for creators to earn recognition and thrive. 


We hope this article provided you with a better understanding of why transparency and fairness are so important to YouCould, and how we are making positive change within the creator economy. It’s an ever-changing landscape that can be full of uncertainties – but we understand these challenges and aim to help creators make more from their content. With the convenience of our platform, it’s easier than ever to develop and maintain real connections between your audience and other creators. Don’t miss out on your chance to grow with us – stay tuned over the next few weeks for more information on how you can take advantage of the many great opportunities our platform provides. Who knows what you could create with YouCould? The possibilities are endless!