Revolutionizing Content Creation in the Digital Age

The creator economy has seen tremendous growth, and many of you have transformed hobbies into part- or full-time careers. In a digital age where anyone and everyone can produce content online, the industry is flourishing with exceptional levels of demand. But there are also problems, specifically big players dominating the landscape and standing between you and your audience. Hearing your audience and making their favorite content, alongside fulfilling their demand, has become increasingly hard. In order to meet the demand, creators are faced with a variety of hurdles that are detrimental to the creator economy. The relationship between the viewer and the creator is becoming increasingly strained and we are now seeing an incredible industry faced with many underlying issues. 

Here at YouCould we want to help bridge that gap between the creator and their audience. Launching in summer 2023, we will provide viewers with a way to sponsor and interact with their favorite content creators. Our mission is simple, to help content creators and consumers alike get the most out of digital content. With YouCould’s innovative design, personalizing content has never been easier. Our platform allows wider audiences to support their favorite creators and help tailor content towards their desires. Our aim is to bring back the joy of the creative process, whilst helping consumers to grow alongside their favorite creators. 

Where YouCould comes in

We want to reshape content creation and alleviate these ongoing burdens that many creators are facing. With constant changes to algorithms and revenue, it can often feel tiresome maintaining a relationship with your audience on top of these issues. That’s where YouCould comes in: an opportunity to fulfil your audience’s greatest content desires and build your community in the process. Imagine a platform where your viewers can express their content desires and share news ideas for you to create. This gives your audience the chance to aid your creative processes and help guide you towards their content inclinations. Perhaps your audience has been endlessly messaging you with ideas for inspiration, or your stream chat is filled with constant suggestions from viewers. We are providing you with an innovative platform where your viewers’ desires are met, and you feel positively motivated to center your content around them. 

We want you to feel rewarded for the ample amount of time and effort that you dedicate towards engaging your viewers. It’s a value exchange where you as the creator are properly compensated for the content you produce, and your viewer’s desire for content consumption is fulfilled. The best part is, you can continue to stream or produce content across all of your other chosen platforms whilst using YouCould to increase your revenue. 

A short insight into the benefits:

Increased audience engagement 

To all content creators out there, we understand the struggle of keeping an audience engaged. Viewer interaction can often feel strained, especially when managing all of the responsibilities that come alongside building your brand. With that in mind, we set up the YouCould platform to alleviate these struggles, and to bring back the joy of viewer engagement. You no longer need to spend all of your time worrying about what type of content to make or exert yourself thinking of ways to build community engagement, because YouCould is the solution. Our platform is designed to bridge the gap between audience engagement and creative output. 

With the opportunity for your fan base to crowdfund their own ideas, creators will rapidly see a decrease in the amount of problems surrounding content generation. Whether there is an exciting new trend, or a user is looking to crowdfund their own ideas, your audience will have easy access to help support you in your creative journey. In return, your viewers will feel more involved within the creative process. 

The opportunity for creators to centralize content around their viewers

At YouCould we want to give creators a platform to co-create content with their audience. In a digital age with an increasingly high demand for content consumption, consistently producing content can often feel tiresome and demanding for many creators. That’s why we have created the opportunity for viewers to have more involvement in the type of content that they consume. Not only is this a highly interactive means of building online communities, but it’s also a chance for a diverse range of audiences to help build the content that they are consuming. To help visualize, imagine that watchers of YouTube want to see Mr. Beast create a challenge that involves a cross-over with another channel, or perhaps Twitch viewers have been craving for Pokimane to take part in a game of Fortnite using only a specific weapon. It really is as simple as sponsoring them through YouCould, and crowdfunding their way to watching their favorite self-inspired content. With content centralized around the content consumers, the creative process becomes much more simplified for the creator. This also provides an outlet for your audience to become a big part of the content itself. You can actively encourage your audience to become a part of challenges that will be rewarded by your viewers. This really touches upon the creative aspect of YouCould, as you can call upon your audience to take part in a wide range of creative activities from viral dance trends to in-game challenges, and many more. Connect with your viewers by having them interact more and become a part of the creative process. 

More income security that won’t affect your current platforms 

It is no secret that a considerable amount of time goes into the execution and delivery of quality content, and we strongly believe that creators should feel rewarded for the content that they produce. Income security is vital for creators and many of the predominant platforms being utilized take a considerable percentage of income revenue. A recent demonstration of this the platform Twitch and their proposed changes to subscription revenue shares, announced in September 2022. As of June 2023, high earning creators on their site are to see a reduction in the percentage of their earnings. In further news, the video hosting service TikTok is also facing a potential ban within the US. As a result, many users who rely on the site for content creation will see a significant impact in their livelihood. 

With that in mind, security of income is increasingly at risk for many influencers and streamers. We want to encourage creators to continue implementing their content across their chosen sites, whilst increasing their revenue with YouCould. Transparency is one of our utmost core values, and we keep an open approach towards compensating content creators for their creative work.

If you’re passionate about content creation and you can relate to a lot of the struggles that content creators face, then YouCould is the right platform for you. We are extremely excited to introduce our upcoming beta, launching in 2024, where you will have the opportunity to grow your community whilst earning more money in the process. Stay tuned into the blog over the next following weeks to learn more about our endeavor to support content creators and how you can become a part of our journey.