Why We Made YouCould

Content creation has come a significantly long way since the early days of radio and black & white television. The creator economy has advanced into an incredible industry whereby anyone can develop content and share their creations with the world. As every content creator out there already knows, the content that we consume doesn’t just magically appear on our screens. The work that goes into these videos, memes, and live streams require significant amounts of time and energy. However, as the industry continues to grow, so do the number of obstacles that creators are faced with. 

We developed YouCould as a way to give back to creators and provide fair opportunities for their work to be seen. One thing we noticed in particular through YouCould’s development is the growing need for platforms to support content creators in the creative environment. As avid content consumers ourselves, we couldn’t help but notice how difficult it can be for content creators to monetize their hard work. We also recognized other prominent problems that creators often experience, like creative burnout and platform dependency. We wanted to change that. Content creators deserve support and recognition for their hard work and this is where the industry is currently letting them down.


Where our Journey Began

YouCould’s initial concept started out around 4 years ago when our CEO, Oliver, had begun to feel concerned about the lack of opportunities out there for creators. There are a multitude of platforms out there for creators to use, but they are notably dictated by heavy algorithms making it difficult for newer or more diverse creators to have their content seen. Many creators are left unsupported and become pressured into producing something that fits current trends and reaches high likeability, oppose to creating quality content that suits their own interests. In noticing the significant lack of support available in the creator economy, he wanted to design a platform that would bring not only help but meaning to creators. He quickly set to work to develop a founding team of like-minded people who are equally passionate about supporting content creators. With their shared understanding of the creator economy they set out to develop YouCould into what it is today: a platform of opportunities designed to promote meaningful content and assist creators, thus making the industry a better place. YouCould is still at the beginning of its journey, but the faces behind our platform have worked tirelessly to provide an outlet that works hand in hand for both creators and their audiences. 


Why YouCould is Needed

In reflection of the creator economy in the current day and age, it’s important to find new ways to interact with an audience and for fans to support creators. Over reliance on big time platforms can be risky for creators and their fans. It’s reasons like this that make it imperative to establish alternatives and provide different outlets for creators to grow. What remains vital to us as a company is to not take away from what creators are building and to help them focus their content on topics and ideas that interest them the most. A significant way in which we realised we could do this is by providing creators with a way to feel more rewarded for their contributions without it affecting their current revenue across other platforms. Lack of income security is a big problem for many creators and being compensated for your hard work is something that should be a given, regardless of whether you have 50 viewers of 5,000. 

Even at the beginning of our journey, it’s clear to us that YouCould is not just an opportunity, but a necessary tool that is going to positively impact the growth of the creator economy by taking care of its creators. We feel highly motivated in empowering creators in a way that doesn’t hinder their content practices and schedules. That’s why we made YouCould complementary across all platforms, ensuring creators aren’t confined when it comes to their content outreach. 


A Letter of Love to all Creators out there

As the creator economy progresses, your creative endeavors continue to amaze us, while unfortunately, the industry itself falls behind. Content creators not only entertain and speak to us, but they also serve as role models in shaping the world into a better place. We want to see this positive impact across the digital landscape continue to thrive so that audiences and creators alike can make the most out of content. Picture a world without our beloved memes, entertaining YouTube shorts, and captivating Instagram reels – that’s exactly what we don’t want to see happen to this extraordinary industry. 

So far, the journey of bringing our platform to fruition has given us an incredibly enlightened insight into the creator economy. We are extremely proud to establish YouCould and help creators to thrive. We hope that you are excited as we are for the launch of YouCould. Coming in 2024, you’ll have the opportunity to explore countless possibilities with YouCould and unleash your creative talents. We’re committed to empowering creators to embrace their creative freedom and we wholeheartedly believe in their growth alongside our platform. There’s no limit to the opportunities that lie ahead with YouCould and we can’t wait to show you how your content can flourish.

If you’re curious to dive deeper into the work we’re doing, check out our other blogs where we delve into the challenges content creators face and how we’re tackling them. Stay tuned for updates on YouCould’s release and the exciting news surrounding our launch!